Ambrose University College

Ambrose University College is committed to providing an exceptional educational experience founded on Christian values. An Ambrose education is much more than the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills. It is the cultivation of values such as faith, excellence, community, service, accountability, and discipline in each individual life. At Ambrose we not only seek to mentor students academically, but in all aspects of their lives - mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually—with an emphasis on the development of the whole person. Our goal is to inspire students to pursue excellence, both in academics and in character, to foster faith, and to develop a servant's heart so that they may make the maximum impact of the world.

Ambrose University College is doctrinally in the mainstream of evangelical Protestantism, and is committed to the historic teachings of Christianity as revealed in the Scriptures and reflected in the following statements of faith of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada and The Church of the Nazarene Canada.

Financial Aid

Your education is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. We are committed to helping you create financial solutions for your customized education at Ambrose University College. Ambrose University College is committed to academic excellence, community life & spiritual formation and to provide everyone with the opportunity to access quality Christian higher education. With competitive Entrance Scholarships, Bursaries, Financial Aid and on-campus employment—Ambrose offers many ways to fund your education.

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